the studio...
the mastermind studio is a state-of-the-art facilty designed for ultra-accurate monitoring. designed by none other than russ berger, it is an ultra-accurate listening environment that translates well to the outside world.


The studio's equipment lists includes:

Monitoring: Dunlavy SC-V monitors, Cello Performance II amplifiers

Console: Crookwood custom mastering console

Editors: Sequoia, Sadie, Wavelab, Protools HD

Analog/Digital Conversion: Lavry

Digital Processing: TC Electronic System 6000 /w all mastering options, Cranesong HEDD

Analog Equalization: Avalon 2077, Cranesong IBIS (mastering version), Manley Massive Passive, Millennia Media NSEQ-2

Analog Compression: Shadow Hills Industries, Cranesong STC-8 (mastering version), Manley Vari-Mu, Pendulum Audio OCL-2

Transports: ATR Services modified Ampex ATR-102, Sony 1630, various DAT machines, mini-disc, and there's a couple cassette decks floating around, just in case!!!

Misc: Z-Systems 32.32 digital router, Clover CD anaylizer, Simpson's Pinball Machine