1/19/2010 - Mastermind is now on Facebook (hey - if you can't beat 'em, join 'em!). Check us out:

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12/01/2009 - Well, obviously the "note to self" didn't work, because here we are a year later with no news updates... in any case...

Big news - Mastermind Productions will be located in Charlotte, NC., as of December of 2009. Trevor will be working out of Dave Harris' Studio B mastering... an absolutely wonderful mastering room designed by none other than Russ Berger. Trevor will be bringing all of his mastering equipment with him, and has already tried out the new room, so you can expect the same great service and sounds as always. Here is a link to Studio B's website if you want to check out Dave's room:

Studio B Mastering

As for contact info... obviously since you're here you know the website will stay the same... as will the phone number. Our physical address has changed and is noted on the contact page.

It has been a wonderful run in Milwaukee... but it's time to move on! For those of you that send work in, you're not going to notice any change. For those of you that prefer to sit in on a session, if you can make the trip to Charlotte, you know I'd love to work on your material!!


10/20/2008 - Ok, "note to self" - update the website more often!! This year has been SO busy, I have not had time to do anything except master music. There is new gear in the studio, and all the studio pictures need to be upgraded. The centerpiece of the upgrade is a new, custom, Crookwood mastering console. The Crookwood is an AMAZING piece, and really ties the analog and digital processing of the studio together in one place. It also alows for much more accurate, calibrated monitoring, so critical when making mission-critical decisions in the mastering studio.

New projects as of late include a couple new singles for Ben Solee, featured on NPR's World Cafe, a new CD for Tonight The Prom, the completion of Decibully's long awaited new CD, a new EP for Alejandro Escovedo performing live on XM Radio, the final single from Northern Room (sorry to see this band be no longer), and a new EP for The Fulbright Scholars. These are just a few, of many, MANY aweseome projects!


1/8/2006 - This Saturday evening, January 14 2006 there will be a memorial/benefit show at The Metro in Chicago for Michael Dahlquist, John Glick and Doug Meis. This will be Exo's last show ever and also a CD release show for Exo's new release “Upper Management and Other Hobbies”.


12/31/2005 – It’s been a busy year at mastermind!!! Highlights include Chicago’s Exo, in mastering their new release, “Upper Management and Other Hobbies” – featuring the last recorded work of the late Doug Meis (the proceeds from this release will go towards funding the foundation in Doug’s name). Smart Studios had us master their new compilation CD featuring tracks not found elsewhere, and Chicago producer Tadpole was here mastering a new single for Universal Recording Artists, Envy. Marisa Kasriel stopped by to mater her new release, “Smarts”, Narada Jazz artist Jason Miles has us work on his new release. Latino Hip-hoppers El Gordo were in to put the finishing touches on their release “Momento de Verdad”, Rising Gael stopped by, and Skafish was in just before Christmas to master a Christmas release – to be released next Christmas! Cuban artist Juan Carlos Formell had us work on his new release, “Son Radical”, to be released on Narada. It was an absolute pleasure to work on “The Reality Prince Flies Large” for Innerstance Beatbox on The Consumer’s Research and Development Label… other Consumer’s artists stopping in included Miles Tilmann working on his new release, and the Timeout Drawer working on their new EP, “Alone”. Narada Jazz Aritst Alex Bugnon mastered his new release, “Free”, and amazing fingerstyle guitar player Don Ross was in with his new release, “Music for Vacuuming” on Candyrat Records. Other Candyrat artists in the studio included Andy McKee “Art of Motion”, Erick Turnbull (self titled), and Andy Fox “Only Bamboo”. Putrid Pile stopped by with their new release, “The Pleasure and the Suffering”, and a new project was completed for The Apparitions “As This is Futuristic”. Los Angeles artist Brooke Michael had us work on her new ep, “With the Dressing on the Side”, and The Moment finished up “Showdown at the Discothequé”. Songwriter Grant Hendrickson stopped by with an ep for us to work on, and Motivo Loco finished up both CD and vinyl versions of their new release, “Tastes Like Burning”. Jazz masters We Six finished up their new CD, and Madison rockers Sunspot had us master “Cynical” for them. Big Buildings stopped by to finish their new release, and Forth Effect were here to put the finishing touches on their new release, “A Stranger in a Cellophane Skin”. Jupiter finished “Midwest Unchecked”, and Neil Jacobs finished his new release, “Secret Places”. Forever Tomorrow finished, “Learn to Let Go”, and Blue Room Hero was here with their new CD, “Manning the Spotlight”. Other bands working at mastermind with the word “blue” in their name included “Tangled Up in Blue” (self titled), and Blue Bottle, “Bet it All on Red”. The Felix Culpa stopped by with a new ep, Magnus had us master “Portable Sun”, and guitar wizard Michael Angelo Batio had us master “Hands Without Shadows”. The Dee Bayne Septet stopped in with “Premonition”, and Bradley had us master a new ep that was mixed by J Hall. Narada Jazz artist Craig Chaquico was in to master his new Christmas CD, and finally, Give My Regards mastered “From Horseshoes to Handgrenades.



Very sad news: Last Thursday, July 14, Michael Dahlquist (drummer for Silkworm), John Glick (guitarist for The Returnables), and Doug Meis (drummer for The Dials and Exo) were killed in a car wreck while on their lunch break. They all worked at Shure. Here is the story. I knew Doug through working with The Dials and Exo... he was an awesome drummer and an amazing person. My thoughts and prayers go out to all the friends and family of these three wonderful people.



Trevor will be out of the studio from 6/9/05-6/12/05 as he is participating in the "Prep Your Mix for Mastering" panel at the 4th annual TapeOpCon!


It has been busy around the studio! Recent work includes: "Time Attack" by The New Black on Thick Records, a new live record for the BoDeans and Charlie Sexton's "Cruel and Gentle Things" - both on Backporch Records. The Steve Cohen ? Blues Band was in to master their most recent release, a new release by Venue ("One Without a Second") will be released by Chicago's Brilliante Records, New Sense stopped by with their new EP, and Consumer's Research and Development (Chicago) has been keeping us busy with work from The Timeout Drawer "Nowonmai", Signaldrift "Set Design", and a new 7" for Caural. The Whiskey Daredevil's had us master their "Greatest Hits" CD, Smooth Jazz Sax man Gary Davis just finished up his new release, Madison's Buffali finished up "kerfuffle no. 10", and Smart Studio's Mike Zirkel stopped by to master a new record for Pupy Costello & His Big City Honky Tonk. Finally, Chicago producer Tadpole had us master ep's for two Chicago bands: Egostatic and A.D.D.


Check out this article on mastering and Trevor at


A new addition to mastermind's equipment list: The Requisite L2M Mastering Limiter replaces the Manley Vari Mu !!!! Woo !!!

Recent projects include: A new ep for Hey Mercedes on Grand Theft Autumn Records, "Flora's Song" by Flora Purim (Narada Jazz/Virgin), "Sleepy Suburbia" by Those Royals, and Awesome Car Funmaker as well as Mark Croft (both recorded at Smart Studios in Madison).


Trevor is out of the studio until 3.25.05 doing lecture work at Fanshawe's Music Industry Arts Program.


Recent projects: "Geronimo" by Shannon McNally on Backporch/Virgin (produced by Charlie Sexton and engineered by Trina Shoemaker), Down to the Bone "Spread Love Like Wildfire" on Narada Jazz, The Mustn'ts "Enjoy Saying No", The Nelsonics "Ruins of Rome", JoAnn Riedl & Kicked Out Scout "Distracting You Distracting Me", The Mahp "Stories", The Milwaukee Symphony "Brahms Sampler", The Dials "Flex-Time".


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Recent projects: "Urban Knights VI" by the Urban Knights on Narada Jazz, "Better Living Through Blood Letting" by The Splints, and "To All That Buy In" by AbsentStar.


Recent projects include: New releases by The Young Dubliners and Acoustic Alchemy on Higher Octave Records, Temper Temper's newest full length on Revelation Records, as well as Decibully's new release on Polyvinyl.